Ozonovid: Total evolution for health and hygiene.

cicatrizante evolución higiene ozono salud

Ozonovid product line for health and personal hygiene.

The effects of hydroperoxides of fatty acids are known as oxygenating agents, activators of microcirculation, healing, antiseptics and anti-inflammatory. Scientific evidence of the therapeutic effects in humans, began in 1982 by researchers Rainbaurer, Streichsbier, Washuttl, among others, which demonstrated its marked biological activity.

The ozone metabolites present in OZONOVID can be prepared in different formulas such as: lipophilic emulsions, creams, oils, personal hygiene products, ovules, suppositories, capsules, ointments, ointments. The line, with its marked biological activity, has specific therapeutic effects depending on the place and route of application, since each product contains a certain amount of hydroperoxides and stabilized metabolites.

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